Black CAB Editing In-House Services

Most ideal for indie and small productions, Black CAB Editing can offer full post and completion for most projects.
So, wether you just need a string-out, rough cut, or final cut , Black CAB Editing
can get you there.
Please see Reel page for samples of projects completed entirely in-house.

Sample Projects


Video/Film Editing

Software: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro

Color Correction: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Aftre Effects

Compositing & Special FX: Adobe After Effects


Video Input

Tape: Mini DV SD 4:3, Mini DV HDV1080i 16x9, DVCAM & HDVCAM (off-site/rental fee)

Files: ProRes, QuickTime, MXF, Various


Audio Editing/Recording

Software: Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Sound Soap Pro, Adobe Sound Booth and Audacity, Other
            ----Minor ADR & Voice Over
            ----Sound Design & SFX
            ----Master Stereo Mix (AIFF, WAV, Various)


Audio/Video Output

Tape: Mini DV SD 4:3, Mini DV HDV1080i 16x9, DVCAM & HDVCAM (off-site/rental fee)

Files: QuickTime, MP4, Various

Web/iPhone/Devices: QuickTime, AAC, m4v, m4a, WAV, mp3, Various

Blu-ray & DVD File Output: Adobe Media Encoder, Various Compressions


Transcoding & Compression Software: Apple Compressor and Adobe Media Encoder

Graphics Software: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects






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